About Us

We are a bunch of minds, joined to prepare favourable avenues for real sports talent to get nurtured into bright promising careers which would also serve as a template of progress and would infuse inspiration in others. Ours (ABC) is a not-for-profit effort organized towards the upliftment of those with genuine sports talent. India, despite being among the most populist countries in the world, still fails to bag considerable medals and register a thrilling performance in international games tournaments. The reason occurs in unorganized and poor training infrastructure because of which proper planning is not implemented. 

There is a surplus of talent but we lack explicit sports facilities and orderly training and practice mechanisms. No, the case in point is not about Delhi city (or any other big city like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, etc). In Delhi itself, there is a huge framework for every type of sport, from cricket (Feroz Shah Kotla stadium) to football (Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium) to Hokey, swimming, Lawn Tennis (National Stadium) to Badminton and Table Tennis (Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium) and so forth. 

But our heart goes out when we see the situation of rural and semi-urban areas. How much strain do our youngsters bear? How much hard they practice and how much devotion and motivation they display but with time and without any supportive infrastructure and facilities, their determination fades away. Now, to keep up the promise of young emerging India and to help in availing equal opportunities to all deserving candidates, we have launched this platform which would a wide range of objectives, such as:


To encourage every outstanding sports talent to step onto the shore of world class training and practice so as to set them sail to new shores of global sports excellence and champion recognition.


To support real sports zeal and honour their devotion towards the game. Especially the games that are contested in global sports competitions.  The effort is to make India a land of champions in a multitude of games.


To make India a breeding ground of champions and illustrious sports personnel by providing earnest support and world class infrastructure for the gifted sports talent to bloom into professional sports careers.